Info Plaza

Info Plaza

I’ve made plenty of references to the Info Plaza here in Boquerón that I visit on a nearly daily basis when I’m in need of an internet fix. A couple of days ago I brought my camera along so you can see it.

The sign says “Closing The Digital Gap” and they’re doing a pretty good job of it, too.

There are eight modern computers available to anyone who wants to use them and, as I’ve said, the fee is an extremely reasonable 35¢ an hour. A WiFi connection is also available which is what I use.

The girl on the right in the photo is Karina, one of the two who share the duties of running the place. She’s the one who never charges me more than 35¢ no matter how long I’m logged on.


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2 responses to “Info Plaza

  1. Hello Richard:

    Thank you for the pictures of your connection point to the world. Indeed Boqueron is closing the digital gap. President Martinelli said he was going to change Panama, and so far, he has changed it in strides.

    Happy blogging,


  2. Wow! That is one fine digital connection point. From what I can tell the yellow scroll on the blue background is the list of rules – Reglamento Not too long, and followed pretty well, I suspect.

    Karina and her broom are no doubt part of the reason the place is so clean, too. Very nice!

    It’s a nice place to spend a couple of hours a day. It’s not Karina at the broom but a very pleasant young lady who sweeps the place out every day and mops the floor. She also takes care of the other offices in the building as well. Always has a smile on her face and a “buenas dias” when I see her.