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#37 – Something To Be Proud About?

Until now I have avoided injecting politics into this blog, but I just can’t help it anymore.

Let me be absolutely clear. I DETEST conservatives! The first three letters of the word says it all…CON=AGAINST! And conservatives are AGAINST anything that is helpful and useful to the common good.

My family didn’t come over on the Mayflower but they literally knew people who did! The paternal side of my family were among the first settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts back in 1630 and the maternal side joined them shortly after in the same rough village. (How’s that for coincidence?)

It has been legend in my family that one of my paternal grandmother’s ancestors actually took an active part in the original Boston Tea Party, and both sides of my family fought on the winning side in the Revolution. Conservative Republicans who love to wrap themselves in the mantle of patriotism need to be reminded, nearly on a daily basis, that the conservatives of those days were known as TORIES and if they’d had their way we’d still be singing God Save The Queen.

I grew up in a staunch Republican family and, in fact, cast my first Presidential vote for Barry Goldwater. (I knew back then that all Texas politicians were lying sacks of shit which proved to be true both time Texans became Presidents.) To my great shame I have to admit that I even voted for Richard Nixon against Hubert Humphrey.

But as I grew up I began to develop a social conscience and stopped voting for Republicans. I didn’t always vote for Democrats, either. For a long time I voted for the Libertarian candidates. Not so much because I believed all the crap they spewed out, either, except that it isn’t any of the government’s business what mind-altering substance adults decide to ingest. I voted for the Libertarians as a way of saying to BOTH the parties that have a death-grip on the wind pipe of the American electorate, I don’t like the clown either one of you are trying to shove down our throats….I’d rather have THIS clown over here. I never voted for him but there’s one thing I completely agree with George Wallace about and that’s when he said “between the Republicans and the Democrats there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference.”

When I would tell people I was going to vote for the Libertarian candidate they’d always say, “you’re just wasting your vote.” WRONG?! The only wasted vote is the one not cast. I vote in every election, especially local elections which most people don’t bother to d0. That’s when your vote can really make a difference.

All that being said, what is happening now with the “debate” about health care I find absolutely disgusting. The lies and distortions put out by the conservatives makes me want to vomit and fills me with a sense of both rage and despair. That’s why I’m glad I ran across the following video.

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