A Neighborhood Light Festival

Have to admit this is pretty cool…

During these economy time, the street of Bainbridge Cir, Murrieta Ca thought we would do something to put a smile on peoples faces. So the block decided to do something different this year for Christmas, we synchronized all 12 houses to music. It came out very impressive and it is a must see as the video does not do it justice. This was a team effort with the entire neighborhood getting involved. It started back in May with a simple discussion on what it would take. Next thing we know it was done. It has really brought the entire neighborhood together. You have to see it to believe it. Check out the YouTube Video
30000 plus lights
130 extension cords
Over 8000 feet of control cable
Programming time: dont ask.
Side Note: Most of the neighborhood uses LED lights this year, so for those concerned we are wasting massive amounts of electricity, we are actually using 1/10th of the power as last year.

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  1. Nice touch, with the LED lights. I did hear that some northern cities are having trouble with their new LED traffic lights, though. The bulbs don’t give off enough heat to melt the snow and ice, so it has to be manually removed 😉

    Ah, the law of unintended consequences!
    Merry Christmas!