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Taiko – The First Sounds of Life

Taiko drums, which most people associate with Japan, actually came to the island nation from China via Korea sometime between 500 BC – 300 AD. While I find western music drum solos with their snares and cymbals¬† quite boring, there is a primitive, atavistic quality to Taiko. Evidenced by Eitetsu Hayashi, founding member and the premier performer of the world-renowned groups “SADO-ONDEKOZA” and “KODO”.


What does it take to become a Taiko drummer? I’m afraid embedding of the following videos has been disabled on YouTube but you can see them by clicking on the link.


Taiko has spread beyond the shores of Japan to all corners of the globe…


Embedded memory from the womb. . .and you can hear it embedded here, too:



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