This Will Drive You Nuts

Take this simple test and feel REALLY stupid…

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One response to “This Will Drive You Nuts

  1. This was awful. First try: 33% Second try: 63%
    Third-fifth tries: 0%

    I couldn’t get my mind around the instructions, and the 63% is what you get if you keep clicking the button on the right side, regardless.

    Finally I figured it out and got 100%, but it’s embarassing how long it took to figure out how to do it. I felt like I was trying to put together a piece of Ikea furniture based on their instructions.

    Linda: In looking over the comments section, you are the most frequent poster, and I consider that very complimentary since I enjoy your blog so much.

    That quiz is a killer. It took me at LEAST a half dozen tries before I got it right, and I got a 0, too.