Why No Recent Posts?

There’s a good reason for that. I’ve been slaving away to get my book finished and published. That should happen within the next few days. Just to tease you, here’s what I’ve got for a cover.

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One response to “Why No Recent Posts?

  1. Hi Richard:

    This one is done and released to the wild. Now are you ready to plunge into the play of words and give us another book? I hope you do.

    Congratulations on your new book! I started reading it lat night and soon will review my comments on it.


    Thank you, Omar. You’re one of my staunchest supporters and I appreciate it. BTW, anyone reading this comment I should say that Omar owns the first copy of the story downloaded from: I just wish there was some way of making it a signed copy.

    And the answer to your question is yes, I’m continuing on and have a couple of short stories I’m working on and another novel though it’s not a historical one like “DESPAIR!”