Crazy Bird

Previously I wrote about my neighbor who has 30 fighting cocks, but those aren’t the only fighting birds in my neighborhood. Over the past couple of weeks there’s been a psychotic bird that comes to my house all day long to sit on the bars over the windows and fight with its reflection. Tap, tap, tap,tap, taptaptaptaptap…It can drive you nuts.

It doesn’t matter how many times I try to drive it off it just flies to a nearby tree watching and waiting for me to go back inside again and then as I sit down to my computer, taptaptaptaptap.

I think this is that the damned thing is:

This looks like the bird, a cattle tyrant, then the word tyrant is certainly appropriate.


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3 responses to “Crazy Bird

  1. Funny story!

    Thanks, Don. Looking forward to hearing the stories about your European adventure.

  2. lol, oh my gosh, I had that happen with a bird last summer who was competing with his reflection in my automobile’s side mirror. Thanks for giving me a laugh today!

    I just wish one or the other of them would win and get it over with.

  3. Isn’t it irritating? I had a cardinal that was doing it with a car mirror, too.

    The word is that it’s most often a territorial thing. Get rid of the reflection, and the behavior will stop. A British birding friend keeps a large, laminated picture of an owl that she tapes up when it starts. She says it works, sometimes. Sometimes not. Newspaper or even a few sheets of taped up computer paper might do the trick, too.

    It gives the word “bird brain” a whole new meaning. There are just too many windows to try and cover them all. I’m hoping it will break its beak so I can declare the reflection the winner.