Made it to Panamá

Well, I made it to Panamá without any problems. Here they don’t say Panama City. It’s  Panamá . Actually things worked out pretty well. I caught the 8 a.m. bus down to David and there was no line at the ticket window to speak of. I was the third person. The price of the ride, after using the Jubilado discount was $10.60. The last time I did it the cost was $8.80. The cost of diesel is just a whisker under $4 so it’s not a surprise that the price of everything is going up.

I got into the city at 4 in the afternoon and, as you have to, I asked the driver how much it would cost to get to the hostel. He said $5 and my response, in Spanish, of course, was “how much would it be for a Panamanian?” He said “four” I said “three” and the deal was done. It was two bucks last year but the price of regular unleaded is now $4.18/gal so the extra buck was reasonable.

I’m staying at a hostel called La Jungla (The Jungle) not far from where I used to stay but that one closed down.  This isn’t too bad and I’ve got a private room with a/c.

Tomorrow I go to the U.S. embassy to get my U.S. driver’s license authenticated and then to the Panamanian Foreign  Ministry office. If my luck holds I can get it all done tomorrow and I should be able to wrap it up Tuesday and head back to the mountain Wednesday.

I hope to meet with my lawyer Lizi and a fellow blogger, Omar who hosts

Wish me luck tomorrow.

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  1. Ah… a multi-day trip. That makes more sense.

    How neat to meet Omar! Say “hi” if you see this first!

    I just go off the phone with Omar and we are having lunch tomorrow. Actually I’m going to have all day free tomorrow. I did the embassy this morning and then went to the Panamanian ministry and they told me to return at 4:30 so I could return tomorrow to Potrerillos but I’m looking forward to spending some time with Omar. I met him last year and we spent a wonderful afternoon together.