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Made it to Panamá

Well, I made it to Panamá without any problems. Here they don’t say Panama City. It’s  Panamá . Actually things worked out pretty well. I caught the 8 a.m. bus down to David and there was no line at the ticket window to speak of. I was the third person. The price of the ride, after using the Jubilado discount was $10.60. The last time I did it the cost was $8.80. The cost of diesel is just a whisker under $4 so it’s not a surprise that the price of everything is going up.

I got into the city at 4 in the afternoon and, as you have to, I asked the driver how much it would cost to get to the hostel. He said $5 and my response, in Spanish, of course, was “how much would it be for a Panamanian?” He said “four” I said “three” and the deal was done. It was two bucks last year but the price of regular unleaded is now $4.18/gal so the extra buck was reasonable.

I’m staying at a hostel called La Jungla (The Jungle) not far from where I used to stay but that one closed down.  This isn’t too bad and I’ve got a private room with a/c.

Tomorrow I go to the U.S. embassy to get my U.S. driver’s license authenticated and then to the Panamanian Foreign  Ministry office. If my luck holds I can get it all done tomorrow and I should be able to wrap it up Tuesday and head back to the mountain Wednesday.

I hope to meet with my lawyer Lizi and a fellow blogger, Omar who hosts


Wish me luck tomorrow.

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Off To Panamá

I’m writing this on Saturday but posting it Sunday morning because I have a long day of bus rides ahead of me Sunday. I have to go to Panamá to do the paperwork necessary to get a Panamanian driver’s license. That shuffle means a trip to the American Embassy and another to the Panamanian Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores.

For those of you who have never been here Panama City is simply referred to as Panamá by the natives and the word “City” is rarely used when referring to the capitol.

I’ll keep you all updated on what the ordeal is like.

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