Yes, I’m Liberal And Proud Of It #1

The REALLY sad thing about it is that while Mittens builds elevators for his Cadillacs and his wife shows up on morning t.v. shows wearing $1,000 blouses millions of people who drive 15 year old rusted out wrecks and who would be thrilled if they could make $1,000 a MONTH will be voting for this creep in November actually believing that he has their interests at heart.

There’s going to be more like this in the coming days, weeks and months. If you don’t agree with me, so what! I could care less and don’t expect to see your comments posted, either. This is NOT a free-speech zone. Want to support Mittens and the Republithugs then start your own damn blog!


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2 responses to “Yes, I’m Liberal And Proud Of It #1

  1. I am among the low income crowd and I completely agree with you, except that I wish there was a slightly left of the middle of the road choice.

    I had hoped Obama would be like another FDR and use government to create jobs and stimulate industry and promote agriculture and small business, but he chose to bail out the big guys for reasons not all that clear to me.

    The problem with the Republicans ‘trickle down’ approach is that not enough trickles down anymore since most major industry has moved over seas. Regan was the last Republican president to really show ANY interest toward the common man in America and before him Eisenhower. The last two elections show the Republicans haven’t been able to come up with any good choices worth voting for. Forget the third party options.. no third party candidate has ever been elected as far as I know.

    I am kind of against simply appropriating someone else’s money because they have more and giving it to other people unless they got the money illegally. I think taxing income on a scale sounds fairer than the present way things are done. I think policies to stimulate Mom & Pop businesses would be a good thing and greater perks if they hire people.

    So I think you’re right! Obama is really the best candidate America has at this point! I am confident he will be reelected and I hope he can implement some domestic policy issues that he could not manage during his first term.

    I am enjoying your blog very much. I cant wait to head south in my boat (grin)


  2. John Trim

    Give ’em hell, Richard.

    Our Obama/2012 yard sign went up two months ago. To tell the truth, I hoped for more – like shutting down Gitmo and bringing our troops home ASAP – but I am grateful and pleased that he got the beginnings of a fair medical system in place, and it’s no small thing to have an articulate, caring, informed President, instead of a sociopathic moron like George W. Bush.

    After months of watching a pack of hateful lunatics battle over who is the most “moral,” it’s telling that Mitt Romney, a stuffed shirt with no convictions whatsoever, will be the Republican candidate. The GOP is an extension of the wealthy, and the wealthy don’t care a fig about abortion, illegal immigration, homosexuality, or patriotism; they just use those issues to stir up the ignorant and bigoted to get themselves a President who will keep fattening up their bank accounts.


    I voted for Obama in ’08 and I will again (absentee, of course) even though I am somewhat disappointed in his performance in office. He was much too willing to compromise with people who don’t understand the concept of that word. My biggest disappointment is with “Obamacare.” And, oddly enough, for the same reason the radical right is – the “buy insurance of else” mandate. I see that as an ENORMOUS giveaway to the insurance industry, and there’s a REASON it’s called an INDUSTRY. Single-payer is the only system that makes sense to me. It works wherever it’s in play.