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Music Fix

As I’ve mentioned I love the musica tipica here in Panama and listen to station CHT which is the top tipica station. But sometimes I really start Jonesing for some good blues and other “American” music. I just discovered a couple of days ago that on ITunes there is a section called “Radio.” I checked it out and found it offers all kinds of music. Contemporary, Classic Rock, R&B, and Blues among others. Right now I’m tuned in to Azure Radio and listening to Someone called Rab McCollughah, hard-driving blues. Azure Radio is French and my favorite radio station of all time was Radio Baie des Anges in Nice. But on ITunes there are 28 streaming stations for blues.
If you love music, have ITunes and can’t find anything on your radio at home then check out what’s offered on ITunes.

I also use it to listen to NPR.

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