Who In The U.S. Hasn’t Used This Product?

How many of you have this product in your cupboards?

Jiffy mix

I’ve used the corn muffin mix, a lot. My mom used Jiffy products. Until today, though, I didn’t know anything about the company and why their boxes of mix could be so inexpensive compared to the big brand name equivalents. Well, follow this link to find out about a company that cares about their product, their people over the almighty bottom line, though Jiffy isn’t doing too bad in that regard, either.



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3 responses to “Who In The U.S. Hasn’t Used This Product?

  1. I’ve bought their mixes for ages. I like their corn muffins better than anything I can make from scratch. I’m glad to know I’ve been supporting such a great company. Thanks for posting this!

    Isn’t it nice to know that we’ve been supporting this company and their people all these years without even knowing anything about them? I’ll have to check Rey to see if any of their products have filtered south.

  2. Andres Espino Dennison

    I ALSO use the Jiffy mixes a lot! I use the cornbread mix most of all and the various muffin mixes after that, They are perfect size and pre measured and so perfect for me to carry aboard my boat too! I put the inner pouch in a zip bag with the instructions because those flexible zi[p bags fit n all kinds of cranneys in the boat.

    Real popular product. Never knew about the company, though, but have to say I’m impressed. Don’t know if their products are stocked down here or not. Have to go shopping tomorrow and will be sure to see. There are a lot of U.S. products here. One thing I’ve found and like is the Betty Crocker corn bread mid. It’s 75 cents.

  3. Great story. I’m glad some good people making a good product at a fair price have managed to stay independent of corporate parasites like Mitt Romney. I’ve survived on Jiffy Mix and beans more than once when I was broke. I’d add whatever I had – diced jalapenos and bits of sausage for example – and make a meal. These days, I make corn bread from scratch, but, like Kris, I’m not sure it’s any better.