Alabama attorney Jim Porter will be the new president of the National Rifle Association and is set to take over for outgoing president David Keene on Monday.

Now here’s the question: If a lunatic like Wayne LaPierre is only the executive Vice President of the NRA, how totally bat-shit crazy do you have to be to be made the President of the organization?

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  1. Andres Espino Dennison

    Pretty Crazy I guess. I grew up around hunting and guns but the Vietnam war took any liking for them away. NOW many NRA members advocate everyone be armed and settle their own disputes at point of a gun Dodge City Style… YEAH RIGHT like that idiot neighborhood watch guy Zimmerman in FL who shot and killed a black kid who turned out to be there visiting relatives. hearings about that are still in the news.. and he is supported by NRA members too… *sheesh*

    You can own a weapon here in Panama but you have to jump through some hoops to get one. Most of the people screaming about getting a gun aren’t Panamanians. They’re gringos petrified of being here.