I Wonder…

Ants navigate in their world by following scent trails as they forage away from their underground homes. It’s the only way they can find their way back.

I wonder what happens to the ones that are thrown far away from their scent trails whenever I sweep the front porch. Do they ever find their way home again? Do they get adopted by another colony of nearby ants or are they killed for being an enemy intruder? Or do they simply starve to death far away from home?


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2 responses to “I Wonder…

  1. Ants can see well enough to get home without following scent trails; if they couldn’t, they’d be SOL every time it rained. So rest easy, you’re not a mass murderer for sweeping the porch.


  2. Bummer? OK, I get it, you thought you’d whacked Gandhi. Well, no such luck; he’d never reincarnate in an ant. Cows are more his line, but it would take all day to kill one with a broom.