I always thought of myself as a ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of guy. Growing up my mom always made a dessert for our suppers, but I preferred to have a second, or sometimes, third helping of the main course, foregoing the sweets.

That’s not to say that I don’t like sweets. I do. My maternal grandmother’s lemon meringue pie was fantastic, and my maternal grandfather made the most wonderful chocolate caramels a person was ever lucky enough to put in their mouths. For my birthday I always wanted to have a cherry pie, and I absolutely adored my mom’s Boston cream pie. She also made great fudge. My ex wife also was a master with Key Lime Pie and even ‘Conchs,’ natives of the Florida Keys said her’s was great!

When you go to the supermarket or a ‘pharmacy’ in the States you’re always assaulted with an enormous assortment of candies. Not so, here in Panama. There’s a very limited selection and what there is, is almost extortionately priced.

So, a while back I got to thinking about making some of my own candy and I naturally thought of my mom’s fudge. But making some seemed to be a bit of an ordeal. I remember my mom had a candy thermometer which seemed to be as important in the making of fudge as the chocolate itself. I looked for a candy thermometer in a couple of places but to no avail. But through the wonders of the internet I stumbled across a fudge recipe that seemed simple to make, required no thermometer and used the microwave. Why not try it?

Well, I did, and it was GREAT! I’ve made a couple of batches over the past few weeks and I’m going to tell you how it’s done and maybe if you get a fudge hankering you’ll try it yourself.

First you need to buy a package of The kind you would use for Toll House cookies. I’ve found, with this method, if you can get the TINY chips they work best because they melt faster.


1 package of Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chips. (The tiny chips work best because they melt faster.)

1 14oz can of SWEETENED condensed milk

¼ cup butter (Come on! Use the REAL stuff. I’ve found that this works best if you melt it in the microwave first.)

Nuts! (This is optional, but not for me. I splurge and buy a small can of Diamond Brand walnuts and run them through the food processor to make smaller pieces.)

In a large, microwaveable bowl put in the chocolate bits, milk and butter. Stir it all together to mix and put in the microwave and nuke the mess for a minute or two but no more. Stir to mix and nuke it again for a minute at a time until the chocolate chips are completely melted. Add nuts and stir.

While the chocolate has been melting, grease an 8X8-inch pan with butter. (A 9X9 pan does just as well. I spray the pan with PAM instead of using butter and it works fine.)

When the chocolate is completely melted pour into the pan and stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours before enjoying.


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2 responses to “Fudge

  1. Karen Ama Panama

    That’s the same recipe I use. Turns out great every time. My mom also used the thermometer to make hers but I like this recipe better. Thanks for sharing!

    I was surprised how easy it was to make and my mouth likes the results.

  2. Dang, you’re making me hungry for fudge! 😀
    I remember a recipe from ages ago that used marshmallow fluff, but yours looks even easier.

    I saw some recipes on line using marshmallows but gave this recipe the first go and it is SO easy and tastes so GOOD I’m not going to ever bother to try anything else.

    BTW: when I was a kid we all loved marshmallow fluff, and about a year ago I saw some for sale at El Rey and succumbed and bought a jar. Do you realize how absolutely DISGUSTING that stuff is?