19 Minutes of WOW!

This post has nothing to do with Panama other than the fact that I saw what is to follow while living here.

About 40 years ago, when I was living in Fort Lauderdale, I had a friend who lost one of his legs, below the knee, in a motorcycle accident when a woman ran a red light and crashed into him. He had a prosthesis and, unless you knew he had it, you’d never have guessed it. He didn’t walk with a limp at all and he danced with all the girls at the bars.

We won quite a bit of money, together, at bars with his leg. I’d be talking with some of the people at the bar and set the up by telling them that my friend could do something that would amaze them. What? I’d pick out some object on the ceiling, one that most people couldn’t even touch with their hands and tell them my buddy could touch it with his foot while the other foot remained rooted to the ground. Of course no one ever believed it and so the money would be put up. My friend would go through a bunch of histrionics and exercises; judging the distance between the floor and the object in question and the he’d reach down, take off his leg and touch whatever we’d selected while standing on his good leg firmly attached to the floor. There’s be a stunned silence from the suckers as they were processing the fact that they’d been had. But no one ever got angry losing their bets.

Aside from total paralysis or death, probably the most traumatic thing that can happen to a person is the loss of a limb, or two, three or four. There are certain species in the animal world that can regenerate a lost limb. Lobsters and salamanders come to mind, but God was too busy making sure that his favorite sports teams were victorious than making sure that human beings could do the same thing as a salamander.

So, science had to do what God wouldn’t. And science has done an amazing job. Years ago there was the television show, ‘The Bionic Man.’ Science fiction, of course, but what man (yeah, yeah, and women, too, but you know what I meant) can think, man can do.

Now, go get yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or your favorite beverage and sit back for the next 19 minutes and be prepared to be amazed…


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  1. lseldon

    We lived

  2. OMG, fantastic Thank you so much for this. It’s not only the amazing things they are doing, but their insistence on giving people their humanity back. Thank you for posting this.

    Isn’t that great? I think most people would find it fascinating, but you, as a health professional have a greater appreciation of what it’s saying.

  3. indacampo

    Hola, the Ted embed is more difficult to find with the new ‘look’, here it is if you want to edit

    . Great video and great story. 🙂

    Yeah, they hid that embed code. Thanks for the hint. I changed the post to include it.