Grip Broken

It seems as if the grip that the ‘dry season’ has had on the country over the past several months has been broken. At least here in Chiriquí Province. We have had rain every afternoon this week, and it started today about an hour ago, 3:00 EST, and is still coming down in buckets. It will probably continue for another hour.

One thing we like about this kind of weather is that it moderates the heat. Shortly after it started raining the temperature dropped seven or eight degrees almost immediately. Now it’s to the point where I’ve had to put on a tee shirt to be comfortable. Most of the time I run around the house in a pair of shorts and flip flops. There have been times where its chilled off so much that I’ve had to put on a pair of jeans and socks to ward off the chill.


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4 responses to “Grip Broken

  1. thisbrat

    It rained very hard here in the city, too. FINALLY, it’s so nice to have cool weather and sleep without having the blankets stick to your skin b/c of the sweat…

  2. thisbrat

    The only thing that sucks is have my shoes clumped with mud b/c of the temporary bus stops and broken side walks.

    That’s one of the reasons so many people, at least around here in Chiriqui, wear Crocks. They’re made of some kind of rubber stuff and you can just swish your feet around in a puddle and wash them off.

  3. Interesting. We didn’t get buckets in David, just some light rain for a little while. Yesterday we sure had buckets though! It’s so nice to see everything turning green again.

    It sure has been raining hard here every afternoon. Of course I live about 15 miles west of you so it would be different. The nice thing is how the rain cools things down, and I can hear the river again. It has been so dry people could walk across it without getting their feet wet. And green has always been my favorite color. It was a sign that the long, sere New England winter was coming to an end.

  4. Hey Ole Salt send some to the DFW, last week’s went around us & slammed the Gulf Coast.