Too Much Fun?

I’ve written, before, about a neat, DIY boat called the Puddle Duck Racer.

A few years ago I priced it out at less than $200. I’ve also said that I doubt that there’s a group of sailors who have more fun than the Puddle Duckers.

A PDR is a “class” sailboat, just like an Optimist Pram, but those go for as much as a grand plus. A “class” sailboat means that they all meet certain criteria so that they can compete against one another without a handicapping system. The bottom rocker of all Puddle Ducks is exactly the same.


Other than that, anything goes…



Thinking about building a shanty boat, I’m going to need to have a dinghy and I’m going to build a PDR, but it WON’T be anything like this one…

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  1. Pathway To Portugal

    The last boat looks like a pink Cadillac! There’s no such thing as too much fun, too much money, or to much sex. Just my opinion ☺. Those are really cute boats. I wonder if the man on the blue boat even fits inside, or maybe it’s just for storage. Please post pics of your progress if you decide to build one.

    I’ve been a fan of these boats since the first time I learned about them six or seven years ago. People all over the world have joined the fun with them. They often have events where they will build a group of them at once, like a group of Scouts will build several over a weekend. Those are called, “Hatches.” They also have “World Championship” race meets. One of the entry requirements is that every contestant must provide a handmade trophy. The winners get to pick which one they want to take home with them. Can’t have much more fun than that.