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Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

One of the hard things about sleeping in an SUV in the south is it’s HOT! And there are skeeters. Blood sucking little vampires dedicated to making your life miserable. I have a small 12-volt fan that runs off my Bluetti eb75 and it runs all night with very little drain. I’d like to be able to open a couple of windows to get some circulation in the vehicle and I’ve seen all kinds of mosquito netting that will fit over doors, etc. But they just don’t appeal to me.

Then, this morning, over my mug of espresso I saw this brilliant hack on a Facebook group. The guy bought An adjustable 10 inch high screen from Lowe’s and the foam insulation stuff that goes around a 1/2 inch water pipe. He puts the window down, fits the insulation on three sides where it’s needed.  Then the screen is set  in and adjusted  to the right length. Slowly the window is raided until it is tight against the top. The foam at the bottom gives some cushion and flex.

I’m traveling on the road right now, but the next time I see a Lowes or Home Depot along the route I’m going to stop in and get the screens.

window 1

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