Panama Takes Their Census Seriously

With all the Teabaggers and conservatives screaming bloody murder about the census in the U.S. people like Glenn Beck would  have a cerebral hemorrhage (oh wait, that wouldn’t damage a vital organ with Beck) if they tried to do in the States what they’re doing in Panama with its census.

On Sunday, May 16th, Panama is holding its census and everyone is REQUIRED to stay home starting at 7 a.m. until the census taker comes to your door and you fill out a 12-page form. That means EVERYBODY including tourists. When the form is completed you will be given a “pass” so you can leave. If you’re caught outside without the pass you’re subject to a  fine.

There’s not much to do even if you do leave the house since all stores and churches throughout the country will be closed.

Now, this means that I count as TWO PEOPLE. I filled out the census in the U.S. and now, since I am a resident of the Republic of Panama and moved down here last Thursday I’ll be counted here, too. Sort of like the old Chicago slogan of “vote early…vote often.”

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One response to “Panama Takes Their Census Seriously

  1. That is really funny – both the census method there are your existence as two people.

    I’m waiting to see what happens here, as I got a nice letter from our government telling me my census form would be arriving and I should be a good girl and fill it out.

    But the census form never arrived.

    I suppose I’ll be getting a visit, too. Or not. Who knows?