Watch This Space For Future Developments!

I moved into the new house in Boqueron on Monday. Today, Tuesday, I went shopping in La Concepcion. My first impression of the place was not changed by today’s visit. Tomorrow and Thursday I have promised to meet with students at American School to help them with their English comprehension.

So, it’s a busy few days and I’ll be neglecting this blog for a bit until I get out and about with the camera.


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3 responses to “Watch This Space For Future Developments!

  1. Glad for the update. Have fun!

  2. Hi Richard:

    Congrats for helping out the kids at the American school. I appreciate your helping our students.

    Best Regards,


    It was fun, Omar. Yesterday was the seventh grade students and I’m going back today for the sixth graders. There was one other Gringo yesterday, Don Ray of Chiriqui Chatter. There were 15 students and we spent time with each of them and they asked us questions they had prepared ahead of time. I’ll probably have a post on it in the near future.

  3. penmanship

    Hey Richard,
    Well, now that the Atlas moving van has left and you’re sitting in the middle of all those boxes to unpack, you’ll have to decide if you’re going to keep all the boxes for your next move in 6 months – or throw them away. I honestly don’t think there’s a Publix in Boqueron where you can get all the free boxes you want. So, I think you should keep them for your next move back up the hill.
    What’s the official and correct position on this so that I may learn.
    I don’t want to be like you when I grow up, but fear I shall…
    Capt. Dan of the Proud Penmanship

    Actually there wasn’t all that much stuff to move. When I left the States I’d pared my possessions to the bone and actually could have left another 25% of what I brought behind without a problem. No, there’s no Publix here in Boqueron. One “Super Mini” about a half mile up the road where you can get some basic supplies to fill in between major shopping sprees. Well, “spree” isn’t even the proper word since, without a car, I have to lug everything I buy so when grocery shopping I have to be very critical of what I’m buying with an eye on how much stuff weighs. I went to La Concepcion on Tuesday for groceries and the Romero market wasn’t all that great. Actually, while La Concepcion is closer to Boqueron than David, it costs a dime less to go into David to shop. But, hey, a dime’s a dime, right. What with inflation and all the old “a penny saved is a penny earned” is now ten cents.