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Coolest Boat Ever!

I ripped this off while “Tag Surfing” the WordPress site. It was on who found it at: which is an awesome site and definitely deserves your attention.

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Words To Live By

Shamelessly stolen from Boat Bits who undoubtedly ripped it off from some other location but certainly words to live by.


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Puddle Duck Goose

As my regular readers know I love the Puddle Duck Racer. It’s an ugly but easily built boat that can get you out on the water for a couple of hundred bucks and a couple of weekends worth of work. The web site proclaims: “The PDRacer is a one designe racing sailboat that is basically a plywood box with a curved bottom, and is the easiest boat in the world to build. Free plans, free club. The rules are aimed at keeping the lower 10″ of all hulls the same, but the rest is up to the builder. A simple hull can be made from 3 sheets of plywood, Titebond II glue and latex house paint. If you work hard for two weekends you can go sailing on the 3rd weekend.”

I doubt there is a group of sailors anywhere in the world that have more fun than the owners of these boats. Many have made some remarkable voyages in the Texas 200 the last couple of years and no matter what kind of boats the other participants of the 200 are sailing it seems everyone pulls for the little guys.

Back on October 22 I wrote about a “cruising” version of the boat and suggested that I thought the PDR Goose would be more suitable for a minimalist, easily built inexpensive boat. I did not, however, explain what the Goose was.

The PDR Goose is a stretched-out 12′ version of the PDR and it’s fast building its own following. The Racer has a Yahoo site for its devotees, the Goose recently formed one, too: Unlike the PDRacer, the Goosers (oooooo, that tickles) do not want  the boat to become a racing class. They’ll leave that to the one-design class PDRacer. Hey, the boats are cheap and there’s no reason you couldn’t have one of each. The advantage of the larger Goose is that you can more comfortably take along additional crew on your adventures.

This morning in one of my favorite boating blog sites, Duckworks, there was a post in the next-to-last article giving a link to several YouTube videos of a completed Goose under sail. While  the Duck is rather clunky having a length to beam ratio of only 2:1 at 4’X8′ but the elongated Goose is 3:1 at 4’X12′. Not only does it look good it seems to sail great as seen here.

And it will get up and plane:

To see more videos of this nice craft underway click this link:

Plans can be downloaded from Duckworks here: A good story with lots of photos on the building of a Goose.

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Ants On The Move

One late afternoon last week while walking down the driveway to lock the gate for the evening I came across a huge line of very large black ants crossing from one side of he drive to the other. Massive, uncountable  numbers on the move and obviously on a mission.

Sunday night the National Geographic Channel premiered a new series called “Grand Migrations.” One segment was about Army Ants in Costa Rica and it seemed very similar to what I had witnessed a couple of days earlier. We are, after all, only a few miles from the border with Costa Rica so these were probably Army Ants as well. In the t.v. series it seemed the column of ants covered a wide area while the column here was quite orderly and only about three inches wide.

Yesterday, the day after watching the ants on the tube, as I went to deposit a bag of trash in the bin out on the car port when I turned the corner of the house the entire area was covered with migrating ants.

They came out of the grass on the east side of the house and streamed down the 55′-long rain gutter to the west side

where they made a left hand turn onto the 25’X6′ walkway along side the house

and then performed a column right onto the 12′ X 6′ covered walkway to the carport

and then spread out to cover the entire floor of the18′ X 12′ carport.

They were moving with purpose. Picture the entire concrete area in the last three photos a seething, moving carpet of large, black ants.

I didn’t run for my camera to capture this stomach-turning and frightening sight but for a can of poison instead. After my genocidal application of chemical death from above I hadn’t stopped the march but did manage to divert it to the the rain gutter that runs around the house and behind the storage room at the back of the carport. This accomplished I then got out my video camera and recorded the following:

The migration continued into the night and with morning’s light it was as if they had never been here.  I have no idea where they ended up


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The 2010 Election

Since yesterday morning I’ve felt a big rant growing inside me. I’ve started, and rejected, several posts on the recently held election. I want to, but just can’t get it right so I’ve reduced it to this. . .

What the hell is WRONG with you people? Gee Zus!!!

To say I am disappointed in the American electorate is a gross understatement. Thankfully I escaped the asylum in the nick of time.


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