Free Range

Back in the days of the Wild West in the U.S. gun battles were fought over the right for cattle to range free. Apparently the same concept is alive and well in Potrerillos Arriba, Panama.

In the last few days cows have come in to the field here at the property. There is a gate at the entrance of the drive from the dirt road, but these cows have just burst on through the barbed wire fence which is the boundary between the gate and the road.

These aren’t wild cattle by any means. They’re all branded, but the owner seems to feel he’s under no obligation to keep them on his own property.


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3 responses to “Free Range

  1. Do these cattle have grass over at their place? They’re really chomping away. Even the calf who hardly seems old enough to be eating grass. If they came onto my place, I’d probably whistle one of the cows over for some milk! 😉

    I was thinking more along the lines of veal scallopini.

    • One trick I’ve seen cowboys use if cattle are getting out of a fence is to spray paint the grass in front of the breakthrough zone of the fence with lines like a cattle guard. I’ve been told cattle don’t have depth perception but are suspicious of the lines and won’t cross them. ??? Gosh, I do feel for you. I hate working fence!

  2. It looks like they’re really enjoying it. Maybe they just wanted to go out for dinner!

    It is surprising the owner doesn’t seem more concerned. Does he know they’re browsing at other peoples’ salad bars?

    Here in Texas – and especially south and west of here, where there is real ranching going on – the responsibilities are pretty clear and generally adhered to. If you’re driving along and see a cow grazing in a ditch or yard, you stop at the nearest house , or find someone with their pickup, and tell them about it. Then, whoever owns the critter gets told, and the cow goes home. Easy!

    One thing’s for certain, we aren’t in Kansas anymore, or Texas for that matter. Quite frankly I think that if you’ve got enough money you can pretty much get away with anything here. I went and restrung barbed wire this morning after driving them off the property again. I wish it was razor wire. That would have been a lot easier.