Links I’ve Neglected Too Long…

A while back I got hit with a particularly nasty virus and had to take my computer back to its original state. That is so that it was back to the way it was the day I bought it. Fortunately I regularly back up projects I’m working on and such things as my photos, etc., so I didn’t lose any of the really important stuff. However, I did lose all my bookmarked links. That had the small blessing of eliminating literally hundreds of links I rarely visited. But today I decided to check out some of the links I have here over on the right-hand side of the page to see what they’ve been up to…started with:

If you love all kinds of boats and the sea you really need to bookmark this blog! It also led me to this site that you absolutely have to visit.

The name of the blog says it all.

There’s a bunch of us “old salts” hanging around out in cyber space.

More posts about small boats.

Lots of maintenance tips and tool links.

If you’ve been out of sight of land a little too long you’ll love the photos from the Mermaid Parade.

Learn about small craft outside the western tradition.

But there are others I check out all the time like:

Linda’s very literary blog.

My friend Omar in Panama City. If I spend the rest of my life working to learn Spanish I’ll never get as good as he does with the English language.

Don Ray keeps me up to date on what’s happening in the area where I live.

There, now you can fritter away the rest of your day like I did.


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2 responses to “Links I’ve Neglected Too Long…

  1. Hi Richard:

    Thanks a bunch for your nice comments.

    Muchas Gracias,


    You’re a daily read, amigo. De nada.

  2. Max

    Thanks for your comment re 1001 Boats, do drop by my other blog

    – we even occasionally feature shanty boats from time to time – like

    I’m an avid reader of both your blogs



    Max, your bursledonblog is one of the links on the right side of the page. Gotcha covered all around.