Fourteen Days And A Wakeup

The countdown has begun. The owners of the house in Potrerillos Arriba arrive on the 17th and I’ll be moving out to Boqueron on the 18th. Since the owners travel all day long and get to the house late in the afternoon and are naturally tired I’ll be cooking a dinner for them and since by the time the meal is over the buses don’t run any longer I’ll stay the night and move the last of my stuff in the morning. Last year I made Cuban Picadillo, This year I’m planning on making chicken ala king. That’s always been one of my favorites. When my dad had his catering business chicken ala king was a big favorite at banquets and, of course, he’d bring whatever was left over home and we’d have it for breakfast. THAT to me was what a breakfast SHOULD be. Chicken ala king on toast, not cold cereal or bacon and eggs.


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2 responses to “Fourteen Days And A Wakeup

  1. I make Picadillo from time to time, but I haven’t had chicken ala King in forever. Maybe I’ll get it back into the rotation.

    I have a friend whose favorite breakfast food is cold anything – spaghetti, pizza, and so on. I’m not so fond of cold, but I did go through a phase as a kid when the only thing that would do was cold meatloaf and tomato soup. Thank goodness I had an adaptable mom. 😉

  2. Just a thought – you might want to put the links to your other blogs at the top of your sidebar. I was going to pop over to your e-reader blog, and now I can’t find it without backing up through the posts. And someone new coming in wouldn’t know you have it.

    Excellent suggestion…did it, but here’s the link again: