Get Your Next BFF Out Of The Pet Prison


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2 responses to “Get Your Next BFF Out Of The Pet Prison

  1. That truly is heartbreaking. I wish I could give all of them a home.

    Did you happen to see the story of the military German Shepherd who was saved and reunited with his handler after becoming unable to continue in the service? I signed a peitition that was going on about that, and wrote to Charles Schumer, who was spear-heading attempts to bring about a happy resolution.

  2. John Trim


    Until a few years ago, I’d always been a cat person, but then I got a scary-smart little Cattle Dog [some call them Blue Heelers] from the local animal shelter. She’s gone now, but she helped me get through a rough time. Well, life goes on. I have a wonderful woman in my life, and two young Cattle Dogs we rescued from animal shelters.

    Here’s a short clip of Harvey [the male yearling] and Kitty [six months old]


    The BEST dogs are the ones rescued from the Puppy Prison. You will never find anything more grateful and loyal than one of those.