1,000 Cups of Coffee

I’ve written about coffee a few times on this blog. After all, I live near some of the finest coffee fincas in the world and I enjoy my morning cup or the local brew a great deal.

Today I ran across the following blog which documents Kim Bt’s goal to drink and photograph 1,000 cups of coffee with friends.


There are also a lot of coffee links on the blog that are worth checking out.

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One response to “1,000 Cups of Coffee

  1. I enjoyed looking through her blog – and was pleased to see the links to Peets. That was my coffee of choice when I was in the Bay Area – it’s in a store here now, but I’ll not buy it until I can get the whole bean.

    I’m done with Starbucks, myself. To my taste, they over-roast their dark beans. I still haven’t found a really good coffee – although Community is good, and Baby’s out of Key West and Breaux Bridge can equal any of those fancy roasts from the left coast.