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Thank You, Carlos…

I just learned from a neighbor that the person responsible for the wonderful fireworks displays in our barrio came from the generosity of Boquerón resident Carlos Ruiz, the Philadelphia Phillies all-star catcher.


Despite his fame and fortune, Carlos is just a local boy who made good and gives back to his community.

Thank you, Carlos, everybody here appreciates your efforts.

p.s. This is my 600th post to the blog.


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New Years Eve in Boquerón

In answer to my cyber friend, Linda, who commented on my Christmas Eve fireworks here in Boquerón, yes, they DO shoot off fireworks on New Years Eve. About a quarter to midnight you could hear explosions all over the area. Up and down the hill. One neighbor down the street has some high-powered bottle rockets and then at the stroke of midnight the real show began. The people who shot off the display I recorded Christmas went all out for New Years Eve. Some of them were as good as anything you’d see at a municipal fireworks display in a modest city in the States. Some of them actually had me applauding they were so good and at the end I had to yell, “Bravo” at the top of my lungs. What those people shot off would probably have bought me a fairly decent car. Sitting on my porch I could see big displays being fired off up near the town center, right in front of my house and down by El Cruce (where the Boquerón road and the Interamerican Hwy. meet). To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

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