Thank You, Carlos…

I just learned from a neighbor that the person responsible for the wonderful fireworks displays in our barrio came from the generosity of Boquerón resident Carlos Ruiz, the Philadelphia Phillies all-star catcher.


Despite his fame and fortune, Carlos is just a local boy who made good and gives back to his community.

Thank you, Carlos, everybody here appreciates your efforts.

p.s. This is my 600th post to the blog.


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2 responses to “Thank You, Carlos…

  1. Andres Espino Dennison

    What a cool thing for him to do!

    It certainly was. You’d have to have been here to marvel at how awesome the display was. It was the equal of anything a small municipality in the States would put on for the Fourth of July. Some of the shots were spectacular and my previous videos just can’t convey how good they were. On Christmas Eve the first offering was over six minutes long and then after a 10 minute intermission a second round went on for nearly four minutes. Last night’s display was even better, if such a thing was possible, and at the end I just had to stand up, applaud and yell, “Bravo.”

    As I wrote in a previous post last year, I met Carlos. His cousin is my next door neighbor. The one with 37 fighting cocks. When Carlos comes to visit, if I’m sitting out on the front porch he always waves and say’s, “Hello, Richard.” It’s really hard not to admire the guy.

  2. Renee

    I found your blog after searching for info on living on houseboat in Panama. I’ve been reading your blog for an hour; your details about the everyday and mundane paint a lovely picture about retirement living in Panama. I lived there as a child, living in Tampa now. Thanks for the visuals. Sounds like you have been enjoying the paiz.

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Originally it was my intention to come here, build a shanty boat and while away my time in the Bocas Archipelago. Obviously that’s changed. I enjoy Panama very much and am happy to be here in Chiriqui Province. Naturally, as anywhere, there are little annoyances but nothing that would make me change my mind about the choice I’ve made.