Gun Nuts – DEAD WRONG!

The recent run of mass shootings has brought the gun nuts out from under their rocks. The cry is that the only way to stop gun violence is to arm everyone. Really? Chances are, no matter how good you think you might be with a gun, or that you’re going to be able to defend yourself or anyone else if you have a gun on your person is just plain bovine excrement. Why? Check this out:


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2 responses to “Gun Nuts – DEAD WRONG!

  1. Andres Espino Dennison

    LOL that was the case in 1860s old American west where everyone was aemed. Even women carried derringers or pepperbox handguns. There was SO MUCH trouble with misuse that famous Marshals like Wyatt Earp and others in towns like Dodge City and Tombstone started making visitors hand in their guns at the sheriff’s office and get themn back when they left town! LOL The second amendment was passed along with the bill of rights in 1791 because the infant democracy, with no real standing army.. only militia and minutemen, was in danger of being overthrown by European factions and returned to the king. It was not intended to protect Americans from their own government like Gun enthusiasts say. Anyway there is no way an individual can outgun the American armed forces.. something the misguided people at Waco did not learn until too late.
    I live in Arizona a right to carry with no permit state.. and you see people packing a gun in the supermarket just like that woman in that photo The right to carry says the gun has to be visible so you see people wearing holsters just like in cowboy days..

  2. I am stupid and I am smart. Hmm. Perhaps I should restate that.

    First, the bad news. When I bought property in the worst, most crime-ridden section of Nashville, I was naturally concerned about security, but figured I’d keep my eyes open and take my chances. That was just before I fell in love. Now, I had a woman to worry about, and, believe me, a woman is at far greater risk than a man in this neighborhood, and that includes when accompanied by a husband. I began to consider getting a handgun and a concealed-carry permit. I am familiar and comfortable with shotguns and have one in the house, but, because we walk our dogs twice a day on streets crawling with hookers, dope dealers and aggressive panhandlers, a pistol began to look like a sensible idea. I asked around. The police on the beat said, “Get a carry permit and a good handgun.” Our neighborhood association president said, “Get a gun and carry it.” My neighbors said, “We’re all carrying.” The local business owners said, “Are you kidding? Here? Of course we’re packing heat.” So, I bought a little semi-auto.

    The good news. After taking the mandatory concealed-carry class, which was a complete and utter joke, and running a dozen boxes of ammo through the gun at a local firing range, I realized I would be lucky if I didn’t shoot myself if I tried to defend myself with it. The gun now sits in it’s box until I decide whether to sell it or destroy it, and I’m leaning toward smacking it with a sledge hammer. Thousands and thousands of rounds of skeet and trap are plenty to familiarize oneself with a shotgun, but I’m proud I realized, if belatedly, that using a handgun for defense would require much, much more training.

    Thank you posting this video. I hope lots of people see it.