Dance as if no one was watching…sing as if no one can hear.

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January 22, 2018 · 2:34 pm

3 responses to “Dance as if no one was watching…sing as if no one can hear.

  1. Richard,
    I’m glad you’re posting again on “One More Good Adventure,” because I enjoy your thoughts and perspective on life. I came across you when my wife and I were considering retiring in Central or South America a few years ago, but lost track of you when we decided to stay in Nashville and you moved on to Facebook. What are you reading these days?

  2. oldsalt1942

    I didn’t post here for a long time. I was leaving Panama and was going to start a whole new blog but then STUFF just got in the way and since I’m on a whole new adventure I just decided to keep this going.

    Funny thing is, while the readership in THIS blog dropped of to nearly nothing, another blog I have about shantyboats hits a nerve. I haven’t posted a thing in it for over two years but it seems to be attracting about 25 people a day, nevertheless. So far today readers from the U.S., the Netherlands, and Bosnia & Herzegovina have dropped in.

    In the last year, and remember, I didn’t post a single thing in the blog last year, I got 11,200 visitors from the U.S., 1,280 from Canada, 32 from Malaysia, 14 from Hong Kong, 8 from Viet Nam, 7 from Somalia, and one each from places like Namibia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Algeria. Weird.

    Currently reading “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World.” by Jack Weatherford.

  3. leftclique

    I’ll see if my library has a copy of the Genghis Khan book I can download. For the most part, I find myself reading absolute trash these days, mostly cheesy westerns – for which I throw myself on the mercy of the court and plead senility!