A Couple In A Contessa

Thanks to Greg Joder and his blog Back To Earth for finding this video. It’s a Norwegian couple on a long sail (not yet a circumnavigation) in a Contessa 26. The Contessa is an excellent small boat for the task and is what Tania Abbe chose for her circumnavigation. This boat reminds me so much of my long-lost Nancy Dawson. Both 26 feet long. Both beautiful red hulls. No inboard engine. Windvane self-steering, though my outboard motor mount was on the port side of the transom.



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2 responses to “A Couple In A Contessa

  1. Wonderful memories – especially of the first meal I cooked on our passage from Hawaii to Alaska. Who knew that brownies would DO that, even in a gimbaled oven? 🙂

    Another culinary tip – yes, Virginia, you can make meringue for a lemon pie using a whisk duct-taped to an electric drill.

    And the milk! Every crew member (there were 12) was allotted a cup of milk per day. At midnight, any extra was fair game. You’d find crew lined up at the reefer at midnight, hankering after that milk.

    I need to find my photos!

    • oldsalt1942

      There were six of us on the crossing of the pond in ’91. I don’t think we had any milk on board but we DID have nice wine with our evening meals. Had to, the cook was a waste of galley space. Everything she cooked was garbage before it hit the plate. When we snagged a 30 lb. dolphin the rest of the crew said, as if on cue, “she doesn’t touch this!”