Potrerillos Arriba, Panama Home

Photos are okay as far as they go, but videos give a better idea of a situation so I’m going to show you what it’s like where I live in Potrerillos Arriba.

The roof of the house extends about 10 feet from the sides and provides wonderful shade throughout the day. I like to sit and work at the back of the house and this is my view.

The house sits around 2,800 feet above sea level and when you look out the front of the house you’re looking south towards the city of David (Dah VEED), the third largest city in Panama, and the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

There’s a gate at the end of the driveway leading to a dirt road that goes out to the main highway. Coming in you get a panoramic view of the area.


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2 responses to “Potrerillos Arriba, Panama Home

  1. Were those cattle grazing back by the fence in the first video? Are cattle common there? Goats? If goats, are they kept for milk or raised for meat?

    Leave it to me to always want to know about the food 😉

    Those are three retired horses in the video. A German couple live in the houses behind me and she’s kind of an animal hoarder. Besides the three horses she has five dogs, several cats and at least one parrot that I can hear. I met her out in the fields a week ago. Her name is Marion and she’s an artist. though what kind of art she’s into I don’t know yet. She and her husband, Uve, who I’ve not met yet, used to live in Fort Lauderdale and he worked at Riverbend Marine not far from where I worked at Lauderdale Yacht Basin on the New River.

    Horses are quite common here. They’re transportation for a lot of people. Just down the dirt road leading to our driveway there’s a Panamanian family who have a horse. I see the gentleman of the house riding off in the mornings sometimes. I suspect the horse is their transportation because there’s no sign of anything with four wheels at the house. In the little driving I’ve done in Panama and on my bus rides between David and PC I’ve seen quite a few people riding horses and you’ll sometimes see them saddled and tied to a tree along the side of the road.

    Cattle are also common here. Brahmas mostly, and some are the skinniest things I’ve ever seen. When you take the fork in the road to come up to Potrerillos suddenly you’re in an area of fields delineated by wonderful stone walls (fodder for a future photo post) and groups of cattle graze here and there. You also see cattle being transported in trucks around.

    You’d think that in a Latin country you’d find goats but I haven’t seen a single goat so far. I enjoy goat and have an excellent recipe for curried goat. In France I also ate horse which is delicious. It’s the meat you can bet on.

  2. Nice videos, thanks for sharing.