Rainy Season In Panama

I had planned on descending to David to do a bit of shopping today. Top item on the list was to buy an umbrella. It’s the rainy season here in Panama and it’s been doing that on a daily basis. Some of it quite hard at times and, I believe, has been the cause of the two power failures in the 10 days I’ve been living up here in Potrerillos. The excursion to the lowlands has been postponed for a while mainly because I don’t have an umbrella, paraguas in Spanish, and it’s raining at 8 a.m. Recently it hasn’t started until the middle of the afternoon.

Here are a some videos of rain. The first is a heavy downpour in Fort Lauderdale recorded from the back porch where I lived and the second and third were recorded on the back porch here in Panama…


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2 responses to “Rainy Season In Panama

  1. They’re wonderful! We need rain so badly, but at least I can play these for a little mental refreshment.

    Have you ever played all three at once? I just did. Really quite nice 😉

    Playing and listening to just one makes me want to run to the bathroom. Not sure what would happen with all three at once.