More Trouble For The Gulf

As if there isn’t enough for Gulf Coast residents to worry about with the massive oil and its aftermath now Tropical Storm Bonnie is about to enter sometime Saturday. Once it’s in the Gulf some area is going to get hit because these things don’t disappear. Though not predicted to turn into a hurricane you can never tell. As my dad used to say…”If you trust a weather man, you’ll trust a politician. And hurricane or not Tropical Storms push a surge ahead of them capable of pushing all that oil further inland compounding the horror already inflicted on the area.

There’s only one thing the residents can do besides pray and Marcia Ball sums it up…

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  1. “Now my home’s in Alabama…”

    I laughed out loud. That’s the spirit that’ll save the Gulf.

    Three Mardi Gras ago Marcia came and performed at Hollywood Beach’s Mardi Gras celebration and I got to hear her sing that song. Brought tears to my eyes in light of Katrina. I’d been playing her music for my friends there in Fort Lauderdale for years and dragged them along with me. The price was what we could all afford…FREE.