Life Renewing Rain

The rainy season seems to have come a few weeks early to Panama. According to the books, the dry season, summer here, isn’t suppose to come for about another month. But we’ve been getting rain nearly every afternoon for the last two weeks and it has brought the dormant plants back to life.

This morning I noticed an area of the yard covered with mushrooms.

One patch of ground that was completely brown and crunched under foot two weeks ago now sports these tiny white gems…

And a tree at the side of the house that seemed to be a hopeless case with only a dozen or so leaves has sprung back to life. Well, it IS Easter morning so renewal is the theme for the day.

I’m afraid the poor, brown tree in the back yard is beyond hope of salvation. There’s been absolutely no change in it at all. Avocados are appearing in the markets now. Perhaps I’ll try and plant one of those seeds.

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  1. Yep – I’d say that brown plant is over the hill. It is amazing, though, how quickly things can come back once the rains show up. Our spring is a little messed up – things like the Bradford pears are putting on blossoms the same time as leaves, and the azaleas just didn’t do much – but it’s coming.

    And we’ve had enough rain that the ground isn’t rock-hard any more. We’re hoping for more!