$3 Three-Hour Diversion

Since deciding that I need to leave Panama and return to the U.S. I’ve also decided that I need to play more “Bus Roulette.” That’s where I simply get on a bus and see where it ends up.

When I go to Bugaba, the nearest town to Boquerón to do a little bit of shopping I have to go down to El Cruce where the Boquerón road intersects with the Interamericana, I usually get on the Divala bus since, for some reason, there always seems to be an empty seat. But until this morning I’ve never been there. So I went down and hopped on. Didn’t get any pictures, but here’s what I saw…

It’s flat down there on the other side of the Interamericana.

Divala is a LOT bigger than Boquerón. Probably 3 times the size, at least.

Lots and LOTS of indigenous people live there. It seemed that nearly all the school kids, and they were EVERYWHERE in their white shirts and blue pants and skirts as there were four schools that I saw in the area, were Indians.

People were WALKING all over the place. Only saw ONE taxi where there’s probably close to a dozen serving the Boquerón, Macano and Bocalatun area. And BIKES! Seems that half the population of Divala rides bicycles.

The houses aren’t nearly as prosperous as here in Boquerón, though here and there were nice houses surrounded by hovels, at least 25% if which had outhouses off to the side. Bamboo grows all over the place and I saw close to a dozen houses that were made out of the stuff.

I was gone for 3 hours and the bus fare was $1.50 each way.


The pic below shows where Divala is in relation to Boquerón…the yellow pin upper right.

Divala big pic

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