2009 Puddleduck Racer World Championships

It’s hard to believe that any sanctioned group of sailors have more fun with their boats than a bunch of Puddleduck Racers.

The Puddleduckracer 2009 World Championships were held recently in Altoona, Georgia, with participants from 11 states and one foreign country entered.

One of the great parts of the fun is that everyone entered must bring a homemade trophy if they are going to participate. This is the championship trophy:

PDR Worlds 146-wr

David (Shorty) Rouse, the creater of the class captured 5th place and copped this trophy:

Shorty with 5th place trophy

Read a complete account of the Championships here:


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One response to “2009 Puddleduck Racer World Championships

  1. I used my “extra hour” this morning to read about the puddleduck race – and read, and read, and read! There’s nothing like enthusiasm to get a writer rolling – it was fun.

    I must say I’m fond of those trophies. Silver cups and such are pretty boring in comparison 😉

    I just love the unpretentious attitude of the whole Puddle Duck Racer concept and the people who build and race them. Compare it and their “championships” to things like the America’s Cup, Rolex, or any other boat races. What could be greater than having to bring your own homemade trophy if you’re going to be in the races yourself?

    I’ve spent hours reading about the Puddle Duckers everywhere I can find a story. This week I’m going to be buying the lumber and putting one together for myself. Of course it will be boringly detailed in the blog.