Hummingbird Identification Confirmed

Back at the end of June I had a post about our resident hummingbird here in Potrerillos Arriba. At the time I wasn’t positive about the identification of the bird but guessed it was a rufous-tailed. Rufous meaning “red.”

Last night on Chiriqui Chatter Don Ray had a short post about a gentleman, Ralph B. Dessau, who is an avid humminbird fan and has been photographing the creatures throughout Panama, the Caribbean and Texas. I immediately emailed Ralph about our bird and he almost instantly confirmed its identity and sent me two of his pics.

If you find these miniature creatures as fascinating as I do you’ll enjoy Ralph’s pictures found at:

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One response to “Hummingbird Identification Confirmed

  1. Oh, my. What wonderful photos of your rufous-tailed hummer. I went over and looked at the rest of the photos, and they’re beautiful. I don’t think I’ve seen anything but the ruby-throated, but wouldn’t it be a thrill to see, for example, that Golden-tailed Sapphire?

    The long-tailed ones are a little special, too… 😉