Setting Up Housekeeping

It’s been a noisy morning here in Boquerón. My neighbor to the right’s 37 fighting cocks have been crowing since sunrise and the flock of hens, roosters and chicks that belong to my neighbor to the left have been clucking, peeping and crowing since they left the coop. But all that has just become nothing more than background noise since I’ve moved in here.

No, what I’m talking about is the pair of little finch-like birds that I wrote about back in February are back to start a new brood. A lot of birds only use a nest once and I was wondering what this pair might do. They’ve got a pretty good set up here. The nesting area is protected on all sides by the channel beam that was used to construct  the second floor balcony. It’s safe from prying eyes, except for mine because there’s only one way in.

They’re tiny birds, slightly smaller than a sparrow but they are LOUD and they’ve been singing all morning long as they fly in and out of their little sanctuary. I’ve tried to get a picture of mom and pop but they’re extremely wary and won’t come in if they see me near the kitchen door. Back when mom had to feed her brood she tolerated me sitting nearby since feeding her chicks was her main priority. They’ve been bringing fresh grasses to line the nest and carrying out some of the old stuff. I’m happy to see them back.

P.S. This is my 520th post.

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  1. This is just great! I made a trip over to the grocery about a half hour ago, and saw a starling fly straight into a similar place in the metal car covers we have. If I can remember I’ll take a pic – I think we must have nests all over this place.

    Some swallows have built a nest in the supports for a floating dock down at the marina. It’s the same slip as last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the same birds – or some who got the word that it was a fine place to build.