Progress…of sorts…

Got my second Covid-19 shot this morning. Only negative reaction is my upper arm is sore right now.  Like I told the doctor, “It hurts when I do this…” “Well, don’t do it, then.”

I have my issues with this vaccine thing. I wasn’t going to do it. Not because of anything I read in rightwing press, and certainly not on T.V. since I don’t have one of those. It’s just that this stuff was rushed through so fast it’s unreal.  On top of all that the damned virus has mutated at LEAST FOUR TIME ALREADY so how effective is the first stuff going to be in the long run?  Without extensive testing I think there’s a possibility this could be the Thalidomide of the 21st century. Actually, the pharmacist that gave me the shot agreed with me and said he advised his two child-bearing age daughters NOT to get the vaccine. Anyway, societal pressure and all that. It’s done.

Then I dropped by my mail drop and picked up the tent, the table and the bed frame. Table is neat. Went together like a charm. Didn’t unbox the tent. will do that when more of the interior of the SUV is set up. I unboxed the bed frame. It’s remarkably well labeled and the instructions, despite some problems translating from Chinese to English, it seems that it won’t be hard to put together. I didn’t do it this afternoon for a couple of reasons. First it was over 90F even when I relocated to the shade of the sabal palms and bamboo that infest this part of the swamp. Then, the 1-1/2″ PVC  pipe I bought to adjust the legs (see the video a couple of posts back) wasn’t right. I need to go back to Home Depot in the morning and probably get 3″. I’ll bring one of the legs inside with me to check the fit. Couldn’t do that yesterday, of course. Oh, well. C’est la fuckin’ vie as we used to say over in Antibes.

The cargo carrier, cargo box, and window rain guards are due in Thursday. The Bluetti solar charger is scheduled for delivery next Wednesday.

Stay tuned.

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